Cape Point And Cape Of Good Hope

The entire drive from Cape Town to the Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope offers scenic ocean views.

scenic road to cape of good hope south africa

When you get to Cape Point there is a funicular railway that will take you up to the top. You have to climb some stairs on final stretch up to the lighthouse, but the stunning views you receive all well worth it.

funicular going up to the viewpoint at the cape of good hope


Beware The Baboons

This area is a very popular spot for baboons. They can be a real nuisance and very dangerous. You will be heavily fined if you are caught feeding them.

baboon sitting on the road at cape of good hope eating stolen bag of chips
We got to witness an incident with a very large male. He spotted a family getting out of their car with their food for their picnic lunch. We didn’t witness the original activity, but when we arrived he was sitting in the drivers seat of their car.

There was food sprawled all over the ground outside the car. There was nothing the people could do but sit and watch him in their car and hope he didn’t start doing major damage to it. A large group of people were starting to gather around. Apparently they had opened the doors and started to get out. The baboon immediately smelt the food and approached the car. The couple just barely got their baby out of the car seat in the back as the baboon forced his way into the car.

A security person finally came walking over but only had a small branch to defend himself with. The baboons here must be so used to seeing the security uniform. He decided to leave the car. It was quite a sight, he left with a peach, some sandwiches and a bag of chips tucked under one arm. He looked like a criminal running away clutching his stolen goods. He was not giving them up for anything. He ran only a short way down the road and plunked himself right in the middle of it. He then proceeded to shove the sandwiches and chips in his face as quickly as he could. Then he started on the peach, he really seemed to be enjoying it. All the mean time, tour buses and cars are having to swerve around him while he ate.

sandy beaches and mountains at cape of good hope

Stumbling Across The Set Of  Hollywood Film

On the way out of the park we discovered there was a movie being filmed. It was along a coastal area with a beautiful background of mountains. We were able to park the car where the movie trailers and the catering tents were. We asked one of the security guards what movie was being filmed, but he was tight lipped. We walked around and also sat in the car for a while but no one famous made any appearance. Later back in Cape Town we found out the details. It is a movie called Blood Diamond based on the book of the same title. Starring Leonardo De Capprio. We took several pictures of the area so we will have to go see the movie when it comes out. Hopefully we will recognize the scenery.

movie set for blood diamond at cape of good hope

Cape Of Good Hope, The Most South-Western Point Of Africa

The Cape Of Good Hope is commonly mistaken as being the most southern point of the African continent. It was once believed that this is where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans met. The most southern point is actually 150km’s away at Cape Agulhas. This is where the two oceans converge.

sign at cape of good hope

The Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point offer spectacular scenery. They are rugged and wild, unspoiled national parks.

beach at cape of good hope

Kite Surfers At Scarborough Beach

We stopped at the windy Scarborough beach on the way back to Capetown to watch kite surfers. The Capetown area is known for some of the best kites surfing spots in the world.

kite surfers at scarborough beach along cape point route


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