Self Driving Through Addo Elephant Park

Our Quaint Farm B&B

There are several options for accommodation that are near the Addo Elephant Park. We decided to check into a place called Homestead BnB. It is situated on an old citrus farm within a few minutes drive of the park.  They have different types of accommodation including charming bed and breakfast rooms, caravan and camping spots as well as self catering units. The large grounds are a great place to go for a stroll or sit and relax among the manicured gardens or pool. The owners were very friendly and helpful with local information.

Addo Elephant Park

There are a couple of different game parks around the area, but  Addo Elephant Park is one of the most visited. It is situated in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.  It was established in 1931 to protect the few remaining elephants left in the area. The park is currently 164,000  hectares and has plans to acquire more land that will bring the size to approximately 360,000 hectares.

The park currently has over four hundred elephants in it. It is also home to several lions, Cape Buffalo, Black Rhino, Hyena, warthogs and a range of Antelope species.

Open And Closing Times And How To Get To Addo Elephant Park

Entry Fees And Accommodation Costs In The Park

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addo elephant parkelephant collage

We tried to get accommodation in the park, but they were booked well into the next month. There are are several options for accommodation in the park including chalets and campsites. There are also safari style huts that are up on stilts and look out over the park. You can sit out on the deck overlooking the park and watch the elephants and other wildlife  roam around in front of your room.

It was late in the afternoon when we arrived at our B&B, but since Addo Elephant Park was just a short distance down the road we decided there was enough time in the day to go. We drove around it for several hours until closing.  Having the opportunity to sit safely in the car allowed us to really observe the elephants behavior. There were many babies, one couldn’t have been more than a couple of weeks old. He was so cute.

We witnessed a strange event. A large group of elephants started to head to a waterhole. More and more elephants started to come out of the shrubs to the water. They all gathered on one side. A few of them sniffed at the water with their trunks. Then as suddenly as they appeared they all started to run in another direction. Maybe they didn’t like the smell of the water. One lonely warthog was left standing there drinking as the elephants took off and left him in a pile of dust. We later saw some elephants bathing in another watering hole.  They are such a fascinating animal to watch. Some of the young males were play fighting with each other.

A park with hundreds of elephants dropping their excrement is a dung beetle heaven! We saw many of the little critters pushing balls of dung along the roadside.  They are quite comical to watch. The dung beetle is actually a protected species in some countries. If you see one on the road in front of you it is the law to yield to it or go around to avoid hitting it.


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    Outstanding pics! Yes the baby Elephants seem like big ole dogs
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