Li River Cruise


We booked this trip while in Guilin, and after we had already spent time in Yangshou. It actually took us back to Yangshou. The price includes a bus trip back to Guilin. They only give you about 40 minutes to spend wandering Yangshou before you have to get on the bus. That's such a shame for the people who will have this as their only opportunity to see the town of Yangshou. Since we knew Yangshou well and how to get the bus back to Guilin we decided to take a local bus back ourselves. We took the opportunity to stay in Yangshou and have some lunch and make it a much more relaxing day. The … [Read more...]

Beautiful Yangshou Beyond The Tourist Trap


This was a very pleasant town to hang around for a while. The scenery in the surrounding areas is really beautiful. We noticed that on the Lonely Planet site someone posted a question to experienced travelers. They asked them to name the most beautiful place they had ever traveled to. Yangshou came up on many people's responses. Some travelers then responded "Are you crazy?" "It's just a bunch of western style restaurants and a load of shops selling junk". Obviously these people did not take the time to explore outside the main town area. Make sure to get out and see the beautiful … [Read more...]