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Spa Days In Siem Reap

After several months of traveling in Southeast Asia we became quite spoiled and accustomed to having spa days. We began to wonder how we would cope once we returned home where the spa services are not so cheap. There are all types of massage … [Read More...]

traditional khymer fishermans dance with boys and girls holding woven baskets

An Evening Of Traditional Khmer Dancing And Food

We were told that a visit to Siem Reap would not be complete without seeing a sample of traditional Khmer dancing. The Aspara Theatre was recommended as one of the nicest venues to see this type of performance. It's a beautiful building with an … [Read More...]

bas relief carving of deity siem reap cambodia

Angkor In Miniature

Miniature of Angkor is located in Siem Reap, Cambodia. If you don't have time to see all the Angkor temples on your list you can visit this lovely garden to see many of them on a miniature scale. Master craftsman Dy Proeung has hand carved several … [Read More...]

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